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New generation consultant. Branding, communication, digital marketing, content and strategy in a single consultancy.

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Our agile structure allows us to respond with the highest quality and reliability and with the most up-to-date methodologies.

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We've helped more than 40 brands and people from all sectors to manage branding and communication globally and with effectiveness and results.

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Brands&Comm A


Texts, ideas, objects & images,
graphic content & audiovisual.

· Graphic design
· Audiovisual
· Photography
· Copywriting

· Speeches
· News & texts
· Reports
· Merchandising

Brands&Comm B


Names, shapes, colors, values. We create and recreate brands.

· Diagnostics
· Territories
· Brand arch.
· Verbal id.
· Visual id.
· Attitudinal id.
· Activation plan
· Brand guardian

Brands&Comm C


Press, events,
reputation, CSR.
Reach your people and publics.

· Comm. Plan
· Reputation Plan
· Media
· Internal Comm.
· Crisis Comm.
· Events
· Spokes-people

Brands&Comm D


Are you on the first page of Google? Good Websites,  SM and SEM

· Digital strategy
· Web creation
· E-commerce
· Social media
· Cty. management
· Email marketing


E Brands&Comm


Stop and thinking is basic, but we rarely do it. We help you.

· Gral Strategy
· Transformation
· Innovation
· Formation
· Culture mgmnt.
· Employer bra.
· User experience
· Design Thinking


Coop. Gandesa. 2020
Mix: new brand, web, packaging, social media, interior design.

Circulo Ecuestre. 2022
Web: new website and image adaptation to new formats.

Brandsandcomm Mobizz

Mobizz. 2018.
Branding: Naming and visual identity of this real estate.

Brandsandcomm Bastian Films

Bastian Films. 2006.
Branding: visual identity of this audiovisual production company.

Brandsandcomm Brandsandcomm

Brands&Comm. 2017.
Mix: Naming and visual identity. Web, networks and text creation.

Altrad. 2021
Mix: two new websites, social networks, stands, design, press.

Dermilid. 2021
Mix: new brand for products, packaging and vademecum.

Domitilia. 2018
Branding: Naming and visual identity of this real estate.

algunes marques8

Riells. 2005
Branding: visual identity of this university association.

Brandsandcomm Mussols

Mussols. 2019.
Branding: Naming and visual identity of this beer from Sabadell.

SCAF. 2022
Mix: new website, logo, social media, press, design, events.

Diari Sant Quirze. 2022
Branding: new brand for the Sant Quirze del Vallès digital newspaper.

Brandsandcomm Racó

Racó. 2017.
Branding: restyling and logo adaptation for its 50th anniversary.

Brandsandcomm UIC Barcelona

UICBarcelona. 2019.
Communication: Presentation of acts of the Alumni Association.

Brandsandcomm Amics Gaudí

Amics Gaudí. 2018
Mix: Web, Networking, News Writing, Material Design, etc.

Saltor Talent. 2021
Mix: new website, design, video interviews, social networks, press.


FC. Balan. 2022
Branding: visual identity for a soccer club in L'Hospitalet.

Brandsandcomm Merit

Merit. 2012.
Branding: visual identity for brand reputation gauge.

Brandsandcomm ODF

ODF. 2017.
Branding: naming and visual identity of this Observatory.

Brandsandcomm Dipole

Dipole. 2018.
Mix: Design, strategy, news, press, etc. of technological company.


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Javi Quintano

Journalist Formed at UIC Barcelona, Pompeu Fabra and Kings College London. Master in business communication, Master in branding and Master in digital marketing.

Expert in design, video, writing, branding, web positioning,
etc. He has been working in branding, communication and digital marketing for 15 years.

Before founding Brands&Comm in 2018, he was a university professor of journalistic design and press manager and communication from different institutions.


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